Founded in 1991 in Aix-En-Provence France, LES JARDINS is a key player in the high-end solar lighting and outdoor teak furniture market. The brand aims to project contemporary designs built around sustainable high efficiency solar lights. Every lantern, garden light, planter, lamp post, and torch are decorative, elegant, and always eco-friendly.

6 years of R&D investment program to offer high efficiency solar lighting using energy from the sun to infuses it into an autonomous Solar Bulb -ASB.

– Long lasting energy (5h full light to 200h of dimmed light)
– 300 to 500 lumens of warm light (3000K)
– Dimmer LED
– Sensors. Turning on when you pass.
– 3 settings on the large modules (turn on/off with natural light, manual on/off or light last all night)

Designed in France and made in Indonesia.


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